Day 27: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Partake

Partake cookies are delicious! I’ve seen them in nearly every health food store I go to and you can also order them online. The Founder and CEO is a black woman named Denise Woodard, who is also a mother. I believe the business idea came about when her child needed an allergen free snack. I’m a foodie and love trying new vegan and gluten free snacks. My favorite thing about these cookies are that they’re low in sugar! A lot of popular brands are way too high in sugar content, so the fact that they thought about that is great.

I’ve also tried the birthday cookie one too, but I prefer the chocolate chip cookie because they’re soft. If you’re looking for vegan, gluten free, allergy friendly snack to try, you should check out @PartakeFoods on Instagram!

*This post is not sponsored.*

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