4 Ways to Be More Productive in the Mornings

What’s the first thing you do after you wake up? Do you typically grab your phone and start scrolling first thing when you wake up? I’ve been guilty of this, and yes, it’s a bad habit. Not only are you exposing your eyes to blue light, but your mind is being bombarded with loads of information, messages, news stories, and it affects your brains ability to prioritize tasks. All of these factors can perpetuate feelings of anxiety and even stress. So, why would you want to feel overwhelmed before even leaving your bed?

I changed this habit to avoid wasting time aimlessly browsing social media apps or negatively affecting my mood. However, like everything else, developing new, healthy habits and sticking to them is a process.

Over time, I’ve learned how to create a unique morning routine that feels easy, energizes my mind and body, and fits my lifestyle. How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so why not put a plan in motion to start off with a positive mood and mindset? You’ll feel much more accomplished for using your time wisely and less ashamed for being unproductive. Check out my tips below if you want to enhance your morning routine!

1. Do a 5 Minute Stretch in Bed

Personally, I won’t leave my bed without stretching first. Why? Because stretching helps release tension in the muscles. It prevents feeling any annoying aches and pains throughout the day as I work, which can impact my productivity and mood. It’s very simple—I go on YouTube and search “5 minute morning stretch” and do videos like this right on my bed. Your body will feel less tense and achy if you stretch those muscles out before going about your day. There are so many videos to choose from and you don’t have to be flexible to do them. Doesn’t get any easier than that! Stretch daily and you could start to notice the difference in your neck, back, hips, and more.

2. Let in Some Sunlight

Guess what also helps keep you awake and not feeling sluggish and annoyed all morning? The sun! Studies show that in the first 10 minutes that you wake up, getting sun exposure by a window or outdoors greatly improves brain function. If you expose your eyes to sunlight within 10-30 minutes of waking up, it’ll start up your internal clock and help wake you up. I love opening my curtains and bask in the for a minute or so. It knocks out the sleepies, keeps me feeling alert, and prevents me from crawling back into bed and hitting snooze for the 100th time. Try it and see how you feel!

3. Pray and Say Your Affirmations for the Day

In order to have an intentional approach to your day, start with gratitude. This looks different for everybody, there is no formula. Just do what comes to mind. Say a short prayer, journal your affirmations, and set your intentions for the day. Ask yourself what kind of day you want to have and say those words aloud. It helps to keep your energy in alignment with the intention you set, regardless of the challenges you may face throughout the day. You can always go back to that word(s) whenever you need a mental reset.

4. Drink Warm Water or Lemon Water Before Eating

You’ve probably heard this before, but drinking water first thing in the morning is best practice for your digestive system. It helps move waste out of the body, gets the digestive tract going, rehydrates, and so much more! Keep a bottle of water on your nightstand and drink it before leaving your room. Your body (and skin) will thank you!

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