DAY 11: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – The Lazy Hat

The Lazy Hat, have you heard of it? Sis! I’ve been wearing this hat in the summer and winter. It’s so versatile and easy to manage. All I have to do is brush or finger comb the hair gently, secure my hair underneath in a low bun or wig cap, and I’m good to go. Where was this product when I was in college? It would’ve been so clutch, especially for those 8am classes. 😭😂

I came across The Lazy Hat’s post one day on Instagram, I believe her product was highlighted on one of those black business pages, so I checked out her website, watched a few YouTube video reviews and was sold! The owner of this company is a black woman named Jade. You can find their business page at @thelazyhat on Instagram. At the time I came across her post, the product was fairly new so I think she had a 50% deal, so I think I purchased both hats for around $40-$50, don’t quote me though.

I definitely recommend The Lazy Hat to every black woman out there who isn’t always in the mood or has the time to do their hair. It’s perfect for running errands, taking a day or weekend getaway, and it looks so natural in pictures—literally no one can tell it’s “hat hair”. So do yourself a favor and get one! You need it for convenience purposes.

Even better, I signed up for her email list so I’ve been getting updates on all of her new products. She’s added more styles to The Lazy Hat collection in several hair colors including a cute beret that’s perfect for throwing on before a Zoom call, and a beanie that’s perfect for winter. Honestly y’all, I need both.

*This post is not sponsored.*

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