Discovery of the Day: The Seven Chakras

Today I’m continuing my readings on chakras, consciousness, mindfulness, and balancing energies.

I came across a thread about the meaning of subconscious thoughts, in relation to the direct effects they have on our emotions and how we confront or suppress them and a video clip from the original Cartoon Network show, Avatar and the Last Airbender. Both were found on Twitter, (of course), so keep reading to find out what I’ve learned from each of them in my own words.

The Journey of Awakening

Part 1: What are Chakras? 🤔

To begin, I’m going to explain the basic definition of what Chakras are.

Chakras are an ever-flowing pool of energy that circulates in a linear fashion within our bodies and only functions effectively when there is a balance of positive energy between each point. There are 7 Chakras in total, and the first begins at the base of the spinal cord. From there, the chakras move upward in the body, each representing a distinct portal of energy.

So let’s begin…

  • Root (Earth) Chakra | Location: base of spine| Color: Red ❤️| deals with survival, identity, self-purpose, and affiliations, blocked by fear | release your fears and allow them to flow through you
  • Sacral (Water) Chakra | Location: lower abdomen| Color: Orange🧡| deals with pleasure, sexuality, well-being, blocked by guilt and blame | release guilt, be accepting of what has happened and let it come to pass, forgive yourself, accept that these things have happened
  • Solar Plexus (Fire) Chakra | Location: stomach, above naval| Color: Yellow💛| deals with willpower, acceptance of oneself, self-confidence, overall balance, blocked by shame, shortcomings, and disappointments within ourselves
  • Heart Chakra| Location: | Color: Green💚 | deals with love, inner peace, acknowledging pain and allowing pain to flow away, laying all your troubles at your feet, blocked by grief, loss, and sorrow
  • Throat (Sound) Chakra | Location: throat | Color: Light blue 💙| deals with truth, communication, self-expression, blocked by lies, denial, misconceptions, false securities within ourselves
  • Third Eye (Mind) Chakra| Location: forehead | Color: Indigo💜| deals with insight, collective consciousness, imagination, wisdom, oneness with yourself and the world/people around you, blocked by illusion
  • Crown (Thought) Chakra | Location: crown of the head | Color: Purple 💗| deals with cosmic energy, bliss, blocked by earthly attachment

If you’re looking to delve more into chakras, listen to this podcast below. Thanks for reading!

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