Welcome to our Distorted Reality

Social media is distorting our perception of what life is truly about.

Life isn’t like a new post on Instagram. The moment you upload a new photo, you instantly get likes and comments from friends and strangers alike. The immediate glowing reactions and praises follow suit, sometimes even with personal DMs, ya know… for an added bonus.

But life doesn’t operate at the touch of a button and it’s not meant to give us instant gratification. I say this in the sense that we have to work hard to make a true, lasting impact. We cannot expect monetary gains weeks after we begin chipping away at our new business plans. It takes months and even years to begin to reap those fruitful rewards. Consistent time and effort must be devoted to the very things we desire in order for them to become all that we envision them to be. An overnight success mentality will not push us and teach us the necessary skills to carry us through trials and setbacks. When we decide to embrace the journey and apply ourselves daily, only then we will begin to gain the genuine notoriety we so rightfully deserve.

So pour your heart and soul into your crafts. Be passionate, energetic, and purposeful behind every move you make. And remember, the universe is on your side throughout your journey as long as you’re willing to stick it out alongside her.

Words by Jenny K.

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