DAY 12: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Adrian Michael

Ok, so, I love this book collection. This is another instance where I’m not sure how I came across this guy, and certainly wasn’t looking for any new relationship-based books to purchase, but after scrolling through his Instagram page, I was drawn to his poetry. I really do love words and people who are able to articulate themselves well.

My favorite book in the collection is HWTTBTW, which stands for He Was Taught To Be This Way. I love how the author, Adrian Michael, offers his take on love and common behaviors guys display in romantic relationships. I’ve grown to appreciate hearing the man’s point of view and understanding why they think and behave in certain ways. In relationships, I think we often love others based on our perception of love, rather than learning how our significant other needs to be loved. These books emphasize the importance of understanding, learning, and growing from past hurt and “failed” relationships. In each encounter we have, I think there’s an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves. As we connect with people and open our minds to different perspectives, be it romantically or platonically, we gain so much knowledge.

I’d certainly recommend this collection to women who appreciate artful, thoughtful poetry from a black male’s point of view. These books are great insight, demonstrated learning experience, and helpful advice for navigating relationships with men.

*This post is not sponsored.*

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