DAY 18: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Mielle

Mielle! First of all, their customer service is on point! In autumn, I randomly received a package that was filled with Mielle samples. I hadn’t even ordered anything in months, but I think they sent it to me because I was a recent customer. It was really touching to see how much they care about their customers and go out of their way to keep that connection and surprise them with free goodies. I don’t know of any company that is currently doing that. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a great customer experience!

My very first order was during her anniversary sale back in the summer. I bought the gel, leave in conditioner, styling spray, and so many other yummy items. I say yummy because the products smell like a tropical smoothie—so delicious! She really focuses on making products that work well with 4C hair.

I noticed the gel and leave in works really well on my hair so far. I haven’t tried the other products, but I love that I was able to get them for such a good price. Mielle is pretty well-known already, but if you’ve been hesitant to try their hair products I’d say give it a try!

*This post is not sponsored.*

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