Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today marks the first day that I took a leap of faith, trusted in my talents, and showcased it in front of a crowd. After 13 years of being a violinist, I finally mustered up the courage to play a violin solo (including music of my choosing). The first Annual TRiO SSS Peer Mentor award ceremony was held this afternoon in the Law School faculty lounge. Another performer who is a friend of Amber’s performed a guitar piece along with a song she composed herself. It was a beautiful celebration of all Trio students as well as graduating seniors.

This was the first stepping stone of accomplishing more of my goals and passions. It was not my best performance, but it’s better to start somewhere am I right? Today I proved to myself that I can conquer my fears and that every opportunity that is presented to me is a chance for personal growth. God won’t hand me a challenge that is too difficult for me to face! #IGotThis

Oh one more thing.. cheers to Class of 2017!!!

Words by Jenny K.

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