Thanks, but NO Thanks

“People are effective because they say ‘no,’ because they say ‘this isn’t for me.’” – Unknown

There is so much truth in this statement. We often feel like we’re obligated to always compromise with those we love. Sometimes we say ‘yes’ simply to keep the peace, other times we feel a sense of loyalty is owed to our loved ones. We tend to forget that the only person we need to answer to (other than our God) is ourselves. Truth is, we are only obligated to fulfill our life’s purpose and work toward it every day with a willful spirit and positive attitude.

Although it can be a challenge, saying ‘no’ is essential for achieving happiness. Knowing who you are and what you want out of people and life itself, is the foundation of creating a purposeful life. By standing firm in your beliefs, you obstruct negative influences and harmful energies from entering your divine realm. So start gaining the confidence to say ‘no’ in situations that don’t speak to your wellbeing–it’s totally okay! In the end, you’ll feel satisfied with your decisions and ultimately your circumstances.


Words by Jenny K.

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