Discovery of the Day: Root Chakra Imbalance

6:30am | Sunday, November 5

It all started on Twitter..

As I scrolled past a tweet on my timeline, i was stopped by the words Solar Plexus Chakra. These words came from a woman tweeting from one of those spiritually inclined accounts. Considering the current state of my life, I knew I had to read into it.. and so I did. But what came out of reading this tweet, is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made.

Now, for months, (practically years), I’ve been intrigued by astrology and spirituality and other related teachings and wanted to explore it. I️ admire those who dedicate their lives to becoming in tune with their higher self. It’s a beautiful thing and we should all aspire to be there and stop living with the illusion of who we think we are versus the potential of who we are destined to be. So when I came across that tweet about Solar Plexus Chakra, I had an unwavering urge to conduct research on its meanings.

After consulting Google on all articles relating to the Solar Plexus Chakra, I found one on chakras . info. The breakdown of the meaning of a Solar Plexus Chakra, the symbolism, origin of its Sanskrit translation Manipura, and other insightful information that I️ can use later on. (I’ll write a summary of all I’ve learned and how i plan to use this information in a later post).

However, I’d like to share my results from a Chakra quiz I took after reading the article. In laments terms, I’m not balanced at all. I say this because after taking the quiz, my results revealed an imbalance in my Root Chakra. Now when you think of the word “root” what comes to mind? I️ instantly think: Foundation, Basis, and the Structure of a growing, flourishing organism. My conclusion: I️ have a weak foundation. I have a closed Chakra which means I am not fully aligned in mind, body, and spirit. I️ am not present, focused, and allowing energy to flow freely throughout my being. My job now is to restore the elements which make my Root Chakra whole, and open it, to create a firm foundation for the other Chakras to function accordingly.
I’m excited for this journey of spiritual awakening.. I truly believe it will help me connect to my Source Energy, vibrate at a frequency which attracts people with whom I align, and ultimately lead me in the direction toward finding my Purpose.

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