DAY 2: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Legendary Rootz

Welcome back! It’s day 2 of 28 Days of My Favorite Black Owned Brands countdown. Today, I’m highlighting a popular brand that you’ve probably seen on Twitter and Instagram. They’re known for representing Black culture through dope clothing and home items. I’m talking about Legendary Rootz, y’all!

Last year, I made my first purchase with them the same day they released their satin bonnets. I purchased the mauve bonnet and I wear it faithfully! The color is beautiful and it keeps my hair smooth, shiny and helps reduce breakage. I also purchased two T-shirts which I wore over the summer. The quotes on each shirt spoke to me, so I had to get them. One says “Black Girls are the Purest Form of Art” and the other says “black women. often imitated. never duplicated.”. Don’t you just love those sayings? I like how this brand is big on women’s empowerment, representing for the culture, and embracing our roots.

If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend checking out their site. They have cute mugs, unisex apparel, Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter t-shirts, and lots of other merchandise that you can wear all year round. To shop their website click here!

*This blog post is not sponsored.*

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