DAY 4: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Wake Up With Marley

First of all, today (February 4) is Marley’s birthday! So this is pretty timely. Wake Up With Marley is a plant-based food blogger and fruit influencer. You’ll have to read her feature in Business Insider to find out exactly what that means. 😉

I’ve been following Marley’s plant-based journey for almost two years now, and I’ve learned quite a lot about tropical fruits, making simple homemade plant based alternatives like almond milk, and where to find handy kitchen tools to make some of her staple items. The way she breaks down her recipes is very easy to understand, hence why her content is targeted to beginners. I started my plant based journey a little over a year ago, so I often used her Instagram as a guide for creative ways I could incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my meals. She’s also a lover of plantain, just like me! I mean, who doesn’t love sweet plantain?

Around this time last year, I noticed more of her posts and recipes for healthy, homemade drinks, so I purchased some raw Tumeric and ginger from her online shop. I believe her shop is closed at the moment, but you can follow her Instagram @WakeUpWithMarley or on Twitter @WakeWithMarley for updates. She’s also on Pinterest and Facebook. I love that her recipes are simple, authentic and suitable for plant based beginners. She includes step by step recipes in her Instagram highlights as well. You can find delicious recipes, food tips, and links to purchase items and ingredients all in the same space—it’s really a one-stop shop.

*This blog post is not sponsored.*

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