DAY 5: 28 Black Owned Brands I Love – Let’s Be Vegan

Today’s highlight is is one of my favorite natural remedies for period cramps—herbal tea! This one in particular is organic raspberry tea called Women’s Wellness tea. I purchased it from Shantelle, a black female recipe creator, cooking instructor, and herbalist. I found her on Instagram @bevegan__ while searching for vegan recipes. Whenever I come across black, vegan foodies I just have to follow them.

I love that this is a loose leaf tea that I can brew on the stovetop or right in my mug by using a tea strainer. Some of the ingredients include red nettle, raspberry leaf, and ginger—these herbs are excellent for reducing period pain and PMS symptoms, and have many anti-inflammatory properties. This tea is caffeine free, rich in vitamins, and helps to support a healthy menstrual cycle. I typically start drinking it one week before my cycle begins so that the herbs can start working days before the cramps kick in.

Another product I purchased from Let’s Be Vegan, is her Elderberry Syrup Kit. It’s made with 100% organic herbs and rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It comes with instructions and is very simple to make on the stove. You can even add a natural sweetener like raw honey or stevia.

*This post is not sponsored.*

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